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Rose-Colored Glasses

I used to be a very “love & light” type of person. A rose-colored glasses outlook.

Reading Zen Buddhist teachings in my late teens taught concepts of compassion that in my naivete translated to making excuses for toxic behavior. 

Looking for the “good” in people and Namaste became a blanket of spiritual bypassing leaving me with zero discernment, easily fooled.

While on the one hand, there is value in this type of perception. It carries its own magic. 

(when coming from an integrated place. We’ll discuss this later.)

But it is a castle made of sand. Faulty foundations lending itself to grasping only a small percentage of reality. And totally ignoring the muddy waters and undercurrents of the dreaded subconscious oceans. 


Magnetism in the human body works through compression and gravity. Gravity centripetal. 

Electricity animates and flows outwards from its source. 

These two forces together create something called the piezoelectric effect (amongst others). A stress applied creates charge. 

An emotion carries weight, we assign importance and meaning. This causes a contraction or expansion in the system releasing charge, or “vibe” if you’d like. 

A radiation has now interacted with the quantum field informing cause and effect to play out across time and space. 

And this happens over and over again. Moment by moment. 

And to the highest degree is driven and directed by the sub-terrain of skeletons in our closet. 

Recall the famous quote by Carl Jung “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

I might wear rose-colored glasses but I’m not driving the car. 


The subconscious is such an interesting topic. A seemingly immaterial realm yet with such immense power and control over our lives. 

An exploration and excavation into which bears fruit laden with darkness, tastes like trauma, and wrought with pain and suffering. 

Ahh but buried treasure. Illumination found in fathomless caves.

A release of contractive weight. A lightness of being to counter gravity. 

Instead of unconscious radiation dictating the unfoldment of a fated-life,

More Truth and Essence rushes inwards. 

Filling the leaks and patching the holes with Soul-glue. 

These higher aspects of Self just patiently waiting for the space.

Now, the vessel, the body, the cellular matrix, because of all this, changes composition. 

Material stuff and etheric code organizing itself in a way to emit more clear signals.  

Vibrational language becoming aligned with destiny rather than fate.  

So from this place, I see the decay of mycelium at work and I praise fertile compost. 

I hone my blade of discernment, a tool of protection, of revelation,  

and pray I never have to wield it as weapon. 

I keep my eyes open when the tiger rips into deer flesh. I see God here.

I eat steak to nourish my blood. 

My blood nourishes my Spirit. 

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