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For the Love of A Daily Practice

Ah yes, the rationale. The list making in decision making. 

The unsettled fear that one is right, the other wrong. 

The funny thing is, the unfoldment re-organizes itself around the choice made. 

The path is always the path. 

Of course it’s good practice to question “why”. To look deeply at our motivations. To excavate the subconscious. Illuminate the shadows. Required work. Vital work. 

Do I dissect my “why”? Do I question my motivation?

Extensively. Obsessively. 

However, beyond the reason, beyond the justification,

Is the Knowing.

The Dreaming.

The plans laid by the Higher Self.

Its non-cognitive. 

Its gnosis. 

It is what it is. 

I am here because something within me knows I am supposed to be. 

Because the deja vu and the dream-recalls showed me I’ve already walked this way. 

Because my heart glowed in a divine-kind of gratitude just in the discovery of its possibilities. 

I could give you a list of reasons, if you asked. Of course.

A list of hopes and dreams of attainment. Of course. 

The likelihood, however, slim. 

An honest look at responsibility-avoidant and adventure-seeking tendencies and the like, sure. That side of things too, of course. 

A spiritual Seeker is afterall, devoted. To Truth. To the Divine. 

Is this not common in the heart of man? Having tasted something of God?

Of Beauty? Of the Transcendent?

A moment of coherence worth a thousand words….

Over and over again I have danced with the ache of striving. 

Shaken my head at the joke of its contrast – the power of just  “showing up”.

One drives. One surrenders. 

One yearns. One becomes. 

One is outside. One is inside. 

One may stoke the fire, but the other contains it. 

Here I am. I am here.

I want nothing of you, but this.

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