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Inner Alchemy is my Drug of Choice

Inner Alchemy is my Drug of Choice.

I’m addicted to transformation. 

The freedom found on the other side of an inner process. Understanding dawns.

A single grain of sand can tip the scales. A single cell now breathes easier. And affects the whole organism.   

Do not hang your hat only on the big stuff, the dramatic. The obvious. For the quantum scale weaves the web. 


The lightness felt letting go of the weight of a memory. 

Relief of an emotion exhaled. 

The gravity of a story forgiven engendering grace. Truly a gift beyond measure. 

Insight digs into the grave of buried skeletons honoring the bones while letting the flesh compost. Character built and fuel for growth. 

Fresh perspective on something old and stale enlivens the mind. What was once limiting has now experienced expansion. 

Giving a taste of potential. Feeding possibility. Gaining momentum. Building trust. You can do this. Again and again. 


The many flavors of a thing. 

The more layers of false-self I shed, the more nuance I am capable of perceiving. 

Vision that encompasses more of the spectrum. 

Don’t look away. What can make you sick can also make you well. We’re after wholeness and Truth, not fragmented distortions. 

Life deepens in its richness. 

Beauty reveals itself to truly be in the eye of the beholder. 

Gratitude for the little things becomes second nature. A cloak to warm you as you suffer.

A powerful force for coherence in the heart-field. A more fulfilling life now at hand. 

Courage is required. 

Roar if you need to. Weep when necessary. 

Do not dwell. 

Keep moving yet seek the eye of the storm.

The fruits are endless. For they are True. And eternal.

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